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You take care of your loved ones,
You are allowed to take care of yourself
Find the missing pieces of your energy and health

Each of our bodies and life stories are unique, so it makes sense that your journey back to energy and health would need to be specific to you. We will search, uncover, and address these unique needs in your customized health rebuilding program. 

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If you find yourself struggling to get through the day due to low energy, pain, or fatigue then it’s time to find out why.

Maybe you’ve been down the road of medicine. Or you’ve spent time crafting your diet and supplement list with a nutritionist. Or you’ve started downing green drinks for breakfast.

Maybe you’ve tried all these and more, yet you still feel sluggish and can’t do all the wonderful things you once enjoyed.

Well, there’s a reason for that. Both medicine and nutrition focus only on the body’s chemistry, which is important … but it’s literally just a part of the story.

That’s because your body — like everything in the universe, according to science — is based on energy and light first, and that information drives all the body clocks and actions.

tired low energy


I want to listen and support you in your health journey. This is not done in a quick chat and a prescription pad. Your story and improving your life matters to me.

We will investigate deeply each layer of your health and I will be here to answer questions, navigate course corrections, and support you through the entire process.

Saint Wellness provides members with a different way to support the body’s vitality using an advanced and natural approach.


the body’s energy and systems through labs and our easy scan


the body’s control systems by giving the body corrective information


the body’s energy by making lifestyle changes to support health

your Roadmap to Health

Become a Member
Because we are a private membership association, our programs and services are offered only to our members. The good news is that it is easy and free to sign up for a membership. You can schedule a complimentary scan & consultation as our gift to you for becoming a member.
Your Health History
Here we will get a comprehensive health history and deeply investigate how your past has brought you to where you are now. We will find many vital clues here that are often ignored or missed by other providers. This will look at emotional shocks and traumas that may be playing a big role in your health.
FREE Health Voice Scan
40+ Page Health Report
Detect Bioenergetic Blockages
“Restore Your Energy With Bioenergetics” Book
Imprinted Music
Bioenergetic Cooking Recipes
Yoga Exercises
Daily Health & Wellness Tips
A $297 value for FREE
Metabolic Typing Assessment
Vegan, Keto, Low Fat, Carnivore?!
Diet trends and hype can be confusing.
Test and customize your diet to your own unique and ever changing nutritional needs.
Identify exactly which foods and combinations are right for your unique body chemistry.
Achieve and maintain your ideal weight
Lose Weight without deprivation or struggle
Enjoy sustained high energy and endurance
Help your immune system
Conquer indigestion, fatigue, and allergies
Assist with depression, anxiety, and mood swings
Labs / Testing
Here we test for HIDDEN stressors that are contributing to your main complaints. Symptoms can be very far downstream from the actual root cause. We want to see the full picture.
Areas Include:
Immune System
Digestive Function
Energy Production
Nervous System
Oxidative Stress Levels
Communication Systems
Start the Journey
After we have all of your results back is when your healing journey begins. Based on your results we build your custom 90 day health rebuilding program. The results will identify Healing Opportunities for us to focus on.
Rebuilding health can take time, and the great thing about your program is I will SUPPORT YOU through EVERY STEP of the process, keep you accountable, and help you achieve your goals.
Heart to Heart Coaching
Here is where the difference lies. We set up regular coaching sessions to help guide and support you on your journey. I am here to listen. We can navigate questions and obstacles that life presents. There will be education and advice available on many health and life topics.
Body Clocks & Leptin
Leptin is a master hormone that helps regulate many body systems, energy, hormones, weight and appetite. It is tightly linked to our body clocks (circadian rhythm) and light signals. Leptin Resistance and improper light signals hurt our health. This can be fixed by getting all of your body clocks reset properly and becoming leptin sensitive again. Take the Leptin Resistance Quiz and find out if you may need help.
Food is a big part of energy. Here we will learn what food gives you energy, and what food steals your energy. The answers here are very individual and may surprise you. We will work on adjusting and increasing the quality of the fuel you are putting in your body. Also learn why eating seasonal and local can improve your health, and why some "health foods" may not be healthy for you.
Without proper rest and sleep our body cannot heal itself. We will look at your current habits and help form better morning and night routines so your body has the proper environment to repair and charge up.
We all need exercise, but based on your unique situation, you may be doing the wrong type of exercise, too much, or too little. More is not always better. Based on your results we can coach you on what your body needs in the moment and how to listen you your body as you adapt and the requirements change.
Stress Reduction
Stress is one of the biggest factors affecting our health. Your body does not know the difference between physical, biochemical, chemical, emotional, relational, or spiritual stress. We help identify areas of stress and give strategies for reducing as much as possible. We are designed to be able to adapt to stressors, but not intended to be at maximum stress levels 100% of the time.
Natural Support
Based on the testing we will customize a short-term supplement protocol. Our goal is to support you in specific areas while your body heals and gets stronger. When all the other healing opportunities are addressed, the body can focus on healing. Also included here are our infoceuticals that contain the specific corrective information your body needs.

Our Difference

We are a private membership association. This is a member community that looks to support and help each other in many ways beyond our normal health programs. Basic membership is FREE and has many private benefits that will continue to grow with time.

We create a balanced approach to health utilizing the best of scientific health breakthroughs with the wisdom of natural health practices. We think differently to help the whole person by listening deeply and through advanced testing which allows us to support health issues that others haven’t been able to.

All of our member programs and protocols are natural and drug-free. We Test, Not Guess. Our health programs also include energy-based solutions to promote healing and well-being along with recommended adjustments to your diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and test guided recommendations.

Get Your FREE Saint Wellness Health Voice Scan and Consultation

What our members are saying

Pain Gone. Sleeping Better.
I finally ordered my Infoceuticals and tried them. Within a few days, I was sleeping really well and feeling better emotionally. I felt like I had better brain clarity. My pain after three weeks was gone. Completely gone. Before, I was not able to exercise. I had a lot of very noticeable improvements that kept me wanting more.
Wendy M
Energy Levels Up!
Since I started Infoceuticals, my energy levels have gone up. There’s no doubt about it.
Christine D
Hormone Horror!
My hormones were a mess, I couldn't sleep, and had tried many different diets and fads that didn't work or made me feel worse. After seeing all my test results and starting the program I started feeling better. Now at the end of my program I feel much better and have a path forward to stay feeling healthy. Thank you!
Allison W
Not scared to eat anymore
I had so many stomach issues. For years I couldn't eat without indigestion, bloating and all sorts of other "issues". I also had massive headaches and issues sleeping and until starting my program had no idea these were all connected. I can finally not be scared to eat again and know what fuel my body needs. Amazing!
Sarah S
Weight Loss
Josh has helped me lose almost 25 lbs in the last couple of months with the leptin health reset. If you are struggling with weight loss, belly fat, or blood sugar issues, I couldn't recommend him more!! Thank you Josh!
Jeffery S
Skin health improved after 7 Days
It was a skin issue on an 18 month old. My baby came home from the hospital, and ever since his first bath at the hospital, he had skin issues. Nothing was helping … until I started applying Infoceuticals topically to his skin. After just 7 days, his skin health improved. That was near and dear to my heart because it was my son.
Keith C

Your journey starts here

Josh Saint, FDN-P, CNHP, NES-P

I am a health detective and functional health practitioner that helps people like you who are physically and emotionally drained restore their energy for life.

I love to look at the body’s systems through functional testing, personal and health history, trauma or shock conflicts, circadian rhythms, quantum biology, and bioenergetic scans to see where each individual is out of balance. I design custom health rebuilding programs built around your unique circumstances to help you work your way back to energy and balance. Together we identify healing opportunities that help set the body up to be able to heal itself.

Our goal is to be able to set you on a path to restoring your energy and health. You will be able to continue this journey with the education I provide in our walk together long after our program has finished.